password rejected with security=server

reniers at reniers at
Fri Nov 28 14:32:30 GMT 1997

We use security=server and we discovered that sometimes, although the
password is correct, we received a message from our NT domaincontroller
that the password was incorrect. This happens with samba version 1.9.17p4.
It didn't occure with version 1.9.16p11.

We looked at the code in reply.c and we think there is a bug.
Our PC's ( NT4 and W95 ) send encrypted passwords. If you look into reply.c
( line 458 ), you see that there is a StrnCpy from the password, followed
by a strlen. Since the password is NOT plain text, this is not allowed.

We assume it drops into the wrong part of routine "reply_sesssetup_and_X".

We changed line 434 from 

	 if(doencrypt )


	 if(doencrypt || passlen1 == 24) 

I don't know if this is correct in all cases, but it seems to solve our

Eddy Reniers

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