C2 Secure NIS

Ripon Mandal ripon_mandal at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 27 09:38:58 GMT 1997


 I have question regarding C2 secure environment (Well nearly C2 
secure). In our environment we have plain NIS server on SUNOS. When you 
do a ypcat of passwd you get the following,

rowclg:##rowclg:21976:20155:Guy Rowcliffe:/home/rowclg:/bin/csh
carnem:##carnem:2616:20156:Michael Carney:/home/carnem:/bin/csh
burnsj:##burnsj:2283:20122:James Burns:/home/burnsj:/bin/csh
Note the password field, the actual crypted password is stored in 
another file call passwd.adjunct which is only readable by root.

I would like NIS to vaildate users without the overhead of using another 
authenication method.

By the way are there any plans to support NDS ?


Ripon Mandal

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