ASCII files from unix

Eigil Bjorgum Eigil.Bjorgum at
Wed Nov 26 19:57:02 GMT 1997

> > At 10:09 26-11-97 +1100, Dan Hewett wrote:
> > >I have an SGI (Irix 6.2) SAMBA server, and a Win95 PC.
> > >How do you handle editing of Unix ASCII files (Source code, etc.)
> > >which contain only a NL (0x0a). When editing on the PC (Win95)
> > >It wants to insert CR-LF (0x0d,0x0a) pairs.  Can the two be reconciled
> > >so they each see their own particular truth?
> >
> > There are editors, such as PFE32, which can auto-detect a Unix/Windows text
> > file. Luke also told me that NotePad can do this, although NotePad has some
> > nasty size limitations.
> ah.  wordpad, not notepad.
Also a nice shareware editor called TextPad is really worth looking at.
In addition to 
automatically detect both DOS and UNIX file formats it has some nice
like regex searches through several files, auto indenting, block
manipulation commands,
a block select mode with which you can delete, move or copy columns
whole or in part,
It has macros, an optional clip library with html tags, html character,
control character
from which you can copy and paste into your text. It also has a tools
menu which you can
configure to run external tools upon your file, like make, cc, or some
Multiple files can be edited at the same time, without the nasty size
of notepad. Besides, it is extensively configurable.
Needless to say it cal save files in either format. 
Highly recommended. 
You can download a fully functional version, without to much nagging

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