SAMBA digest 1504 (Win95 Backup)

John Ackermann N8UR jra at
Wed Nov 26 13:54:37 GMT 1997

Wayne_Johnson at wrote:

> Hmmm.  That's a possibility (at least for my NT full system restores).
> Is it possible to create a DOS bootable diskette with MSLAN, such that the
> LAN can bee seen by the network?  I've never worked with MSLAN on DOS,
> other than via WfW.  Is MSLAN downloadable from someplace or do you have to
> buy it from Microsoft?

I think the basic MS-LAN DOS client software is available for free from Microsoft's ftp site.

It is possible to put everything you need on a 1.44MB floppy -- the way I did mine was to do the MSLAN install onto a hard disk first, and then go into the directory it creates and start whacking out the things you don't need (there are lots of drivers, etc., that you can delete).  I got it down to fitting pretty comfortably on a single DOS 6.22 disk, with some room left for a few utilities.

The next step is to see if it will still fit onto a Win95 startup disk so I can have current fdisk and format programs available to configure a FAT32 disk.

Thanks to everyone for the responses to my question that started this thread.  I guess since no one mentioned it that my biggest concern -- getting correct attributes on all the system, hidden, and read-only files -- isn't an issue and that doing an smbtar restore will preserve them.  That's the good news I was looking for!

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