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Tue Nov 25 23:48:10 GMT 1997

Hey folks,

This come up enough that we should make it part of the FAQ, maybe?

At 10:09 26-11-97 +1100, Dan Hewett wrote:
>I have an SGI (Irix 6.2) SAMBA server, and a Win95 PC.
>How do you handle editing of Unix ASCII files (Source code, etc.)
>which contain only a NL (0x0a). When editing on the PC (Win95)
>It wants to insert CR-LF (0x0d,0x0a) pairs.  Can the two be reconciled
>so they each see their own particular truth?

There are editors, such as PFE32, which can auto-detect a Unix/Windows text
file. Luke also told me that NotePad can do this, although NotePad has some
nasty size limitations.

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