Printer settings and drivers from Samba server

Darrin M. Gorski dgorski at
Tue Nov 25 15:02:11 GMT 1997

I sent a patch to samba-bugs for this. You can use a printcap like this:

osgood|osgood|IBM 4019 E20 Clark (goblin Xstation)|driver=IBM 4019
LaserPrinter PS39:\

The string after driver= will be used as the 'printer driver'.

I'll dig it up and send it to you.

On Tue, 25 Nov 1997, Rick Cochran wrote:

> Luke,
> One thought I have had on the printer driver issue is that it would be
> nice if pcap.c, et al, had some method of parsing the correct string
> for the 'printer driver' share parameter out of the Unix printcap
> file.
>     printer driver = IBM 4019 LaserPrinter PS39
> This would save having to maintain printer data in two places.  Our
> printcap entries look like this:
> osgood|osgood|IBM 4019 E20 Clark (goblin Xstation), parallel:\
>         :lp=/dev/null:\
>         :sd=/usr/spool/lpd/osgood:\
>         :af=/usr/adm/osgood-acct:\
>         :lf=/usr/adm/osgood-errs:\
>         :mx#0:\
>         :if=/usr/local/lib/transcript/psif.goblin:\
>         :of=/usr/local/lib/transcript/psof:sb:\
>         :gf=/usr/local/lib/transcript/psgf:\
>         :tf=/usr/local/lib/transcript/pstf:\
>         :nf=/usr/local/lib/transcript/psnf:
> Perhaps something like this would work:
> osgood|osgood|IBM 4019 LaserPrinter PS39;E20 Clark (goblin Xstation), parallel:\
> where the Samba printcap parser knows enough to use the first ';' delimited
> field of the 'comment' as the 'printer driver' share parameter.
> The problem then becomes whether to include both fields in the
> 'comment' share parameter.  A long 'printer driver' name could push
> the 'comment' over the 32 character maximum, while having to repeat
> printer description data in the 'comment' field of the printcap entry
> could push a printcap line over the 80 character line limit (there are
> a lot of brain-dead lpd implementations).
> Another possibility is to use the 'cm' parameter in printcap:
>           cm  D   str  NULL        comment identifying printer (LPQ)
> Just thinking out loud.
> -Rick
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