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Mon Nov 24 18:48:33 GMT 1997

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> David,
> >Hello.  I have been looking at smbclient source code and it seems to use
> >gethostbyname first to try to resolve a server name and then tries WINS.
> I have long suspected this.
> There appears (from my simpleton users view) to be no consistency within
> the Samba code on name resolution.  smbclient and nmblookup can give veryt
> different answers to the same sorts of questions.
> And as for what nmbd does ........

[state-based function calls, wrapped around NetBIOS packets.  i.e real-mode

> I've mentioned it on this list before and had 'dns proxy = no' suggested to
> me as a fix, but I'm still running 1.9.16p11 at the moment.  I also suspect
> that this setting will make no difference to smbclient.
> I still believe it ought to be possible to have utterly separate and
> distinct NetBIOS and DNS namespaces on the same LAN, but I guess the Samba
> team doesn't see it that way (and it may well be for very good reasons,
> but no-one's explained them to me yet).
> Assuming your DHCP server hands out a (local) WINS server address, then (I
> feel) you should be able to get your MS-clients to use your local print
> server AOK.  Since smbclient uses it's own idiosyncratic way of resolving
> server names, you're probably stuck with the dial-up mess.
> Come on Samba team.  Build a single universal NetBIOS resolver module and
> use it consistenly across the whole Samba product.  Put in the ability for
> it to use the DNS as a _backup_ service if neccesary, but make that a
> turn-offable option.  Please.

may i recommend reading of rfc1001.txt, appendix B (B1 - Implementation

samba is implemented as a stand-alone system (model 1).  actually what is 
required is that WINS is integrated into all unix systems: DNS is, 
therefore so should NetBIOS (NetBIOS is based on DNS).

yes, smbclient and nmblookup name->ip resolution needs sorting out.  if 
you send in a patch to samba-bugs, we'll put it in, ok?

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