Problems seeing Unix files from NT and Windows95 machines

Leah McKelvie leah at
Mon Nov 24 00:22:45 GMT 1997

We have 2 unix servers at our site, plus many Windows NT and Windows 95
machines. From NT/95, we can access files on the first unix server
(america) without any problem, but we frequently have problems accessing
files on the second server (brazil).  The only differences that I can
think of between the two are that america is running Solaris 2.5 and has
NIS+ on it, and brazil is running Solaris 2.5.1.

We are able to connect to all of the shares on brazil, but certain
subdirectories within those shares are unavailable. The error message
says that the file has been moved or removed.  Sometimes the files
become accessible when we chmod 777, but sometimes they still don't.
Another problem we encounter on brazil is that sometimes when you click
on a subdirectory folder through Explorer, it appears that no files are

Is anyone having similar problems?  Does anyone know if these problems
could be related to the version of the OS or the location of NIS+?  I
would be very grateful for any help or suggestions.

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