3 misc questions

Simon Hyde shyde at poboxes.com
Sun Nov 23 10:29:11 GMT 1997

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997 15:55:58 +1100, you wrote:

>1) From reading the smb.conf man page, it looks as though it is possible to
>change the Samba password from a 95/NT client.  I went to the password icon in
>the control panel but there wasn't any way to change the Samba password.  How
>is this done?
try typing 'net help password' in a DOS box
>2) Again, from reading the documentation it looks as though it is possible to
>make Samba part of more than 1 workgroup.  How do you do this?
If it says this anywhere in the documentation then the documentation is
WRONG, there was a test release of 1.9.16 that did it, however currently
samba cannot be part of more than one workgroup.

>3) Is is possible to do the % substitutions in service names?  We arrange our
>systems so the PC home directory is a directory called unix_pc in the user's
>home dir.  The [home] service is nice and can do the Unix part, but I would
>like to be able to do something like [%uPC] so you'd have shares in the browse
>like that look like
>fred   Fred's Unix directory (~)
>fredpc Fred's PC Unix directory (~/unix_pc)
>Is this possible?

Yes you can, although I believe you may have to use %U instead of %u for
the substitution.

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