print to JetDirect

Eloy A. Paris eparis at
Sun Nov 23 14:34:44 GMT 1997

Do "telnet address.of.your.jetdirect" ( in your case)
from your shell command line. Then type "?" to get help and look for 
the "banner page" parameter.



Kiwa S. N. <kr at> wrote:

: I use Linux 2.0.30(Red Hat) and Samba 1.9.16p.
: Clients are Win95, NT Workstations and Servers. I use
: Linux like printserver and bridge. And I have problem
: with my printer HP LaserJet 4MV with JetDirect card.
: It print 1 test page( or another 1 page) and print
: after it second page:
:                         User: root
:                         Host: LINUX
:                         Class: LINUX
:                         Job:
: Please help me. I want to kill this second page.
: My printcap:
: hpmv:\
:         :sd=\var\spool\lpd\hpmv:\
:         :sh:\
:         :mx#0:\
:         :lp=\dev\null:\
:         :rm=\
:         :rp=raw:\
:         :if=\var\spool\lpd\hpmv\filter:
: I use Postcript on the printer.


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