3 misc questions (PR#1941)

Andrew Tridgell samba-bugs at samba.anu.edu.au
Sat Nov 22 03:58:18 GMT 1997

> 1) From reading the smb.conf man page, it looks as though it is possible to
> change the Samba password from a 95/NT client.  I went to the password icon
> the control panel but there wasn't any way to change the Samba password.  How
> is this done?

The password changing code in Samba is broken at the moment. It's one of the
on our todo list to get this fixed up.
> 2) Again, from reading the documentation it looks as though it is possible to
> make Samba part of more than 1 workgroup.  How do you do this?

Only via the remote announce option, which is really a bit of a hack. Luke
did implement this fully and very nicely in his Samba-2 code but that never
made it into the production version of Samba. His changes were actually 
reasonably simple to achieve this so you can probably expect it to 
appear in the new nmbd code that Jeremy is currently working on. 

> 3) Is is possible to do the % substitutions in service names?  We arrange our
> systems so the PC home directory is a directory called unix_pc in the user's
> home dir.  The [home] service is nice and can do the Unix part, but I would
> like to be able to do something like [%uPC] so you'd have shares in the
> like that look like
> fred   Fred's Unix directory (~)
> fredpc Fred's PC Unix directory (~/unix_pc)
> Is this possible?

yes, but I would recommend using %U instead of %u. %U is the name that the
gave in the session setup request, which is the users logon name in Windows. %u
is the user that is actually connected to the share, and thus is only 
relevant within a share context in the code. This means using %U will
be more robust.

Cheers, Andrew

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