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Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at
Sat Nov 22 02:05:40 GMT 1997

At 06:57 22-11-97 +1100, John E. Jurgess wrote:
>Currently we are running two Operating Systems at our location (NT and
>2.X).  Most users have accounts on both of the systems and have no problems 
>utilizing Samba.  How do we provide access through Samba to those users that 
>have only NT accounts, without creating UNIX accounts for these users?

Set up a WinNT machine as a password server and use "security =  server".

Kind of a useless hack, though. You're still setting up two accounts for
each user, but this way the new accounts do not have access to the UNIX
boxen. The same thing can be achieved by setting up UNIX account without
home directories, probably less work in the Unix machines are NIS managed.

I'm *still* looking for something that'll let WinNT work with NIS.
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