Samba Uses

Graham Menhennitt gfm at
Fri Nov 21 04:46:25 GMT 1997

In Samba digest 1499, "Jeff Darby" <jdarby at> wrote:

> At present each of my users has both a workstation and pc sitting on their
> desk on which they conduct their work.

This has nothing to do with Samba, however, you might be interested in
a product that was announced recently. It is basically like NTrigue
etc. but for Win95 and with a much nicer price tag. It turns a Win95
PC into an X client platform. You can connect to the Win95 machine
from your X terminal or Unix workstation and run Win95 programs
natively on the 95 box. Have a look at - there's also
a free demo version to download. I have no affiliation with them -
just an interested (prospective) customer.


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