\\server\share%user errors

Dieter Rothacker Didi at ThePentagon.com
Thu Nov 20 23:42:39 GMT 1997

Simon Hyde wrote:
> On Fri, 21 Nov 1997 01:52:13 +1100, you wrote:
> >I didn't think Windows 95 supported this method of connecting with a
> >different username?
> Erm..I may be wrong but I thought that the support for this method of
> connection was server-side and not client-side, ie all windows should have
> to do is pass on the share name untouched and let samba sort out that there
> is a username at the end of it.

I also think so. And it definitely DOES work with "Connect network
drive" from Explorer.

> >Oddly, though, it appears to just be the part of the client which parses
> >the network path and not the underlying client software.  I have written
> >a small (except it uses MFC :-) program which allows you to connect
> >specifying the username / password.
> >
> >If anyone wants a copy / the source, they're welcome...
> >
> I'd like to try it out

Me too.
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