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Thu Nov 20 01:51:44 GMT 1997

>Subject: NT -> Samba
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>I'm running Samba V1.9.16p10 on Solaris V2.5.1
>I have a mix of WIN95 & NT WS V4 clients.
>The WIN95 folks can access the files on the Sun;
>while the NT folks can't. When I started trying
>to make it work, on the NT systems I was getting
>a message something to the affect that I was
>not authorized to login from this location.
>i then used REGEDT32 to add
>This changed the symptoms. Now Samba would only
>complain that I entered an invalid username &
>password combination.

Have you added this to the smb.conf file.
Please read up on it in the man pages.

password level = 8

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