Different Client Access and locking problems

Nikki.Harris at unilever.com Nikki.Harris at unilever.com
Wed Nov 19 12:37:12 GMT 1997

     Dear SAMBA Team,
     I have installed SAMBA on one of our HP-UX boxes running HP-UX 10.01 
     and locking is working beautifully between the NT clients.  I do 
     however have a problem with different client access locking problems.  
     I'll try and explain!
     I currently have lots of Window for Workgroup 3.11 clients running a 
     product called PCTCP which allows them to connect to a NFS HP-UX file 
     system,via IP Stack, where all the Users home and shared data is 
     I have the challenge (?) of moving all our User PC's to NT whilst 
     leaving the users data stored on the HP-UX box.  SAMBA has so far 
     proved to be the best solution for allowing NT clients to access the 
     data on a HP-UX box ! Wonderful, brilliant!!!!  
     There is only one problem during the migration phase I will have both 
     PCTCP clients and NT clients accessing the same data on the HP-UX box 
     and what I cannot get to work is the locking between the 2 client 
     access modes , PCTCP via IP/NFS and SMB via SAMBA. 
     Have you heard of this problem before or have you any clues as to 
     configuration that may help?
     Both products, PCTCP and SAMBA, in the documentation talk about using 
     the rpc.lockd process, but write to different log file - any ideas 
     would be gratefully received and I am sure that we could arrange Pizza 
     delivery to Australia from the rainy shores of England!
     Many Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
     Kind Regards
     Nikki Harris

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