Replacing an NT Domain

Daniel Robbins drobbins at
Tue Nov 18 22:29:50 GMT 1997


We are going to be using samba in our NT network as a file server.  Thanks
to everyone who is involved with Samba -- it's really neat now that I have
it working properly.  I especially like the ability to block requests based
on IP#! :-) My question is whether you guys know of any way to get rid of our 
NT PDC but still have the ability to log in as any user in the department from 
any NT workstation.  Can samba reliably process NT login requests yet, or is 
there an alternate way of replicating account data between workstations (so that 
we don't have to have a Microsoft PDC processing login requests)?  Or is having
an NT PDC devoted to processing login requests and storing profiles currently 
the best solution?  I would much rather manage user accounts using Samba and
Linux but I don't want to have to give up the convenience of having a domain.
BTW, we have 70+ Machines running NT Workstation in our department. 



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