How to let samba talk to MAC?

Roeland M.J. Meyer rmeyer at
Tue Nov 18 19:19:51 GMT 1997

At 03:33 19-11-97 +1100, Hongwei Li wrote:
>I have a very basic question:  how to let samba talk to MACs?  I mean
>for file and printer sharing?  What should I install or config on linux
>server and on MAC machines?  Any help is greatly appreciated!

Quick and dirty is to have a Linux box standing between the PC and the MAC,
share the MAC files out to the Linux box, and have the Linux box re-share
them out to the PC. Do the same thing, in reverse, to let MACs see the PC's
file shares. The Linux box thus becomes the router/translator/files-server.
This can also be done for Netware.

Caldera Open-Linux Standard has all you need for this, including MAC,
Netware, and Samba interfaces, built-in.

Send me private e-mail and we can work out a price, I'm a Caldera VAR.

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