Printer redirection of old DOS Software

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Tue Nov 18 16:43:31 GMT 1997

Windows95 has that built in, look at:


On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, Ralf Brinkmann wrote:

> On our old Novell-2.2 server  we had a program called CAPTURE
> to redirekt the printer output of DOS programs to the
> network printer. (Some old DOS programs only know LPT1:)
> Now i am locking for a CAPTURE replacement for our new Samba server.
> I tested PRINDIR Version 9.0 and LPTTOFL Version 1.0 out of a 
> DOS-Box within WIN 3.11 and WIN 95.
> Both programs work fine with pure DOS but have timing problems
> running in a DOS Box.
> Has anyone an idea to solve my problem redirecting the printer
> output ?
> best regards
> Ralf Brinkmann


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