NIS homedir map and home share names

Simeon Walker simeon at
Tue Nov 18 15:59:02 GMT 1997

>> username server:/some/path
>> I assume the path points to a user's home dir.  Does Samba make use of
>> the path at all,
>no it doesn't.
>> or is it in there just for compatibility with the
>> Automounter?
>i don't know enough about NIS homedir functionality in order to be able 
>to code it up properly myself, that's all...
The map is not there for compatibility with the automounter, it is there
for the automounter, period. The contents of the map simply specify the 
arguments for NFS mounting a users home directory from another NFS server.

It's just sometimes quite useful for Samba clients to get userid and
server information from this map so that they can connect to Samba
(assumed to be running on the other NFS servers) directly rather than
causing home directories to be NFS mounted and then re-exported via Samba
by what may be intended to be just a logon server.

I hope this makes things a little clearer...


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