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David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Tue Nov 18 12:59:20 GMT 1997

You wrote,
> On Solaris, it seems that "lprm" can only be done by root on a remote
> machine or on the print server. 

  The restriction is not quite that bad: if the print queue exists on
samba server, lprm requests can be issued against it.  If you print
with ``lpr -P somewhere:someprinter'', roothood appears necessary.

  I simply set up printers with admintool, with the commands
	Browse -> Printers
	Edit -> Add -> Access to Printer
and then specify
	Printer Name: the name of the printer on the remote machine
	Print Server: the name of the remote machine
	Descripotion: anything
and then OK.

  This should cause the new printer to be acessable as if it were local,
and the lpq and lprm commands work as you'd normally expect.

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