Setup for access on two different networks

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Mon Nov 17 13:52:01 GMT 1997

> [homes]
>   comment = Home Directory
>   browseable = yes
>   read only = no
>   create mode = 0750
> The NTrigue PC is on the 39 network. I want to allow users from the 39
> network to mount their home directories on the PC. But for some reason,
> it can't. 
> Can't change directory to /home/user (No such file or directory)
> The reason is that "user" is not known on the 38 network so the home
> directory cannot be mounted (even on Unix). How can I enable this? Do I
> have to install another samba server on the 39 network? Or  can I get by
> just by fiddling some of the configuration parameters?

assuming that /home/<username> exists, what about using

	path = /home/%U

in the [homes] share?

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