Home directories using UNIX/SMB

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Nov 14 22:36:10 GMT 1997

> > That is one of the fundamental features of Samba, the "homes"
> > directories.  It checks the password files and mounts the file
> > space mapped to the user name who logs in.  It will even work
> > with NIS maps and automounters with NFS file space (I do that).
> > All this is not to say that it will work the first time, though.
> > May take some fiddling as you understand the capabilities.  It's
> > all in the documentation.
> If I am using the password server as an NT box then there
> is no local NIS/passwd/smbpasswd file and so if I connect
> via an NT box how does samba know where the home directory
> is? Or do I have to maintain a local passwd file as well?

You will have to specify \\sambaserver\homes in the NT user profile as
the home directory.  I think I understand you that the user's home in
located on the samba server, correct?  You can specify your [homes]
share like this...

        comment = Unix Home Directories
        browseable = yes
        path = /export/home/%u
        read only = no
        public = no
        create mode = 0700
        directory mode = 0700

The trick is that you specify an absolute path for the directory share. 
I do this in several of our labs where the home disk space is local and
separate from the user's unix home directory ( as listed in /etc/passwd

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