Home directories using UNIX/SMB

Anthony Farrow A.N.Farrow at cranfield.ac.uk
Fri Nov 14 12:35:43 GMT 1997


I have recently modified our Unix SMB server so that the 
password serving is now done from an NT box thus :

security = server
password server = Manchester

This has raised a number of issues :

1. Has anybody found a way of using the [homes] section to 
automap the users home directories (Unix) when they 
accessing from an NT box? How does it know where they are?

If not I suspect this means I'll have to have an individual 
section for each user share :-(

2. How do I shared against an NT group as opposed to a Unix 
group? At the moment I only seem to be able to share 
against public or 1 user...

Thanks in advance,

	Anthony Farrow a.n.farrow at cranfield.ac.uk


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