Printing to NT from Solaris?

Eduardo Pimenta Marrocos e Freitas epimenta at
Thu Nov 13 12:02:04 GMT 1997

> This sounds like a FAQ, but I couldn't find it...  Is there a "how to"
> list to print to a printer on an NT box, from Solaris?  It keeps asking
> for a password, even when I merely browse the NT box to see what's there,
> and I know as much about NT as I do about SMB...
	This has to do with NT, not samba. NT netbios won't let you access
any service without having a user and a password for it. What I've done as a
workaround was creating a user named "printer" with some password and writing
a script to call smbprint with this user/passwd. BTW, it's in Kunwar's mail, 
just below yours, in the same digest.
> If it helps, it's Samba 1.9.15p8, under Solaris 2.5.1; godnose what
> version the NT box is.

	The version doesn't matter much; I've found this problem in both NT
3.51 and 4.

> I guess at the very least, I need to set up users for "root" and/or "lp"
> on the NT box?  Anthing else I need?
	Nope, just a dumb user ("printer", for example).
> Oh, if anyone's interested, I beefed up the simple LP interface script, so
> it actually tries to recover from errors (PC switched off etc).
	I think Kunwar will be very interested in it; he's having problems
with his current LP interface script. Exchanging mails with him can prove
useful for both of you.

		Eduardo Pimenta (No .sig yet)

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