logon scripts

Seth Vidal skvidal at ehc.edu
Thu Nov 13 04:50:01 GMT 1997

> >It's not currently in there so I'll try to do it myself. (1.9.17p4 using
> >variables %U and %G (not %L)).
> >
> >My C is not so good. But if I can get it in and working well enough is there
> >a place I should post it to for anyone who might want this sort of function
> >in their logon scripts?
> Its a simple matter to use 'root prexec' to run a perl script to generate
> an appropriate logon script on the fly.  The logon process will block
> until the script exists, so there's no danger of a race condition.
only problem is that preloading perl for each login (on a 200+ login
machine) is an overhead hassle that I could happily do without.


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