logon scripts

Seth Vidal skvidal at ehc.edu
Thu Nov 13 00:42:55 GMT 1997

> i think that the latest versions of samba have macro substitutions 
> carried out on the actual .bat file before it is downloaded to the client.
> try putting NET TIME \\%L /SET /YES^M in the actual "global.bat" file, using
> 1.9.17p4. 
> if that doesn't work, it will be a very simple matter to put a few lines 
> of code in yourself, to do this substitution.  i believe that you will be 
> able to find the location yourself by doing "grep lp_logon_script *.c 
> *.h".

It's not currently in there so I'll try to do it myself. (1.9.17p4 using
variables %U and %G (not %L)).

My C is not so good. But if I can get it in and working well enough is there
a place I should post it to for anyone who might want this sort of function
in their logon scripts?


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