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Michael Huttinger huttinger at
Wed Nov 12 21:34:02 GMT 1997


I've been getting reports lately from some of our customers running 
Windows95 workstations and Samba server (1.9.17p4) on Linux 2.0.27.  The 
problems have been occuring recently on CorelDraw and with Microsoft 
Publisher.  They have been getting errors regarding "The disk is full".  I 
have logged in to the server via a remote dial-up and found that the server 
disks are not anywhere near full (91% free).

Is there some known issue with these programs or possibly with very large 
files being saved?  I don't know much about what the operators are doing 
... they for the most part just beat the poor PC's to death until they do 
what they want, and I pick up the pieces later.  I do know that some of 
their Corel Draw files have been known to grow upwards of 10+ MB.

Any ideas or any solutions?

Thanks for the help!

      --Mike Huttinger
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