SAMBA printing

kunwar.asif kunwar.asif at
Wed Nov 12 18:54:44 GMT 1997

     Dear Sir
     Thanks for reading this. Hope you will help me. 
     I am using samba 1.9.17p2 on SunSparc-20 running solaris2.5.1 for 
     printing and file sharing with PC-network. File sharing is working 
     fine but I want to print to a WfWg printer from Solaris. So I have 
     used script smbprint.sysv and try to print. But I am facing 
     following problems:
     1- I can only do command line printing e.g lp <file name>
     2- I can't print from Xwindows and following message appears on 
     screen: " NO print filter defined..."
     3- There is no word wraping and long lines are truncated.
     4- How can I define filter according to my needs and how can i 
     attach it with my samba printer?
     4- I have installed TCP32b on WFWG print server.
     I am trying to print from unix to WFWG from last couple of weeks but 
     could not succeeded. Now i become furstrate and need your help to 
     overcome this problem.
      Waiting to hear from you.
     Kunwar Asif Masood
     Following is the script which I am using.
     # now the argument list is just the files to print 
     service="HP LASERJET"
     (# NOTE You may wish to add the line `echo translate' if you want 
     # CR/LF translation when printing.
            echo translate
            echo "print -"
            echo $CRLFSTR
            cat $*
            echo $FFEED
     ) | /usr/local/samba/bin/smbclient "\\\\$server\\$service" $password 
     -N -P -I a.b.c.d > /dev/null
     exit $?
     My etc/printcap file
     :cm=HP LASERJET on Print server in basement:\ 

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