NTDOM: 1.9.18alpha11

rlh at cppuk.co.uk rlh at cppuk.co.uk
Tue Nov 11 22:09:11 GMT 1997

Dear All,
	I have successfully used 1.9.18alpha11 with an NTrigue system
(NT 3.51 variant) and happily get the "Welcome to the XXX domain" message.
This stuff must have taken a lot of sweat to figure out!

I still can't use "User Manager for Domains" or get user -level sharing
control to work from Win95 seats though.

BTW, I found  a couple of nits in the code:

In the rpc_pipes subdirectory, lint said:

(124) warning: array subscript cannot be > 1: 2
(124) warning: array subscript cannot be > 1: 3

*****                   Methinks SSVAL should be used in place of SIVAL!

(234) error: identifier redeclared: api_LsarpcSNPHS
	current : function(int, int, pointer to char, pointer to char, int, int, pointer to pointer to char, pointer to pointer to char, point...
	previous: function(int, int, pointer to char) returning int : "./../proto.h", line 674


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