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Tue Nov 11 19:19:54 GMT 1997

At 05:33 12-11-97 +1100, Boyd Johnson wrote:
>"Previously Peter de Groot said:"
>> > I wrote a message some time ago about the CR/LF problem when using Unix

>> > For as far as I know now there is no way to translate these files 'on
>> > the fly'.
>> This CR/LF problem is a major pain.  I have spent many fruitless 
>> hours trawling the net looking for a piece of software that does 
>I don't know about on-the-fly, but there is a Windows utility I think I
>found in the Samba archives that is supposed to do this called FixCRLF
>by Jim Barry, but I've never gotten it to work.  Anyone else get it
>On UNIX there is dos2unix and unix2dos (on SunOS and Solaris) dos2ux and
>ux2dos (on HP-UX) that will do the conversion.  When I start vi on a
>file and realize I have a DOS formatted file I just type:
>(where ^ means hold down CTRL key) to globally get rid of the ^M

A long time ago, I found an editor which was smart enough to understand the
difference between Unix and MSDOG files. I now have two of them. One is a
commercial package and the other is shareware. Bedit is available through at the moment, but I'm trying to get a Virtual
Domain up for it. The other one is PFE32 available through .

Bedit is real nice for those who desire VI compatibility. It also does
columnar editing. 

Both products run in Win95/NT, neither runs under Unix yet, although Bedit
is investigating the possibility.

Bedit's author can be found at mailto:jlb at

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