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Tim Winders twinders at
Tue Nov 11 14:39:08 GMT 1997

I have been banging my head against my routers trying to get this done,
but I am stuck (and it may not be possible).

I have 4 locations connected together with point to point T1 connections.
The routers all route IP, IPX and pass DHCP and NetBIOS packets.  In the
central location I have 5 subnets with Samba 1.9.18alpha11 and WinNT
4.0sp3 acting as Primary and Secondary WINS servers.  Browsing across
these local subnets works perfectly.

In the 3 remote location I have no WinNT, no Samba and no WINS server.
All Win95 clients point to the Central Samba and WinNT servers for WINS.
The remote locations can browse (or do start run \\machine_name) to get to
shares in the central location.  However, the Win95 machines in the
central location cannot get to the Win95 shares in the remote locations.
(Browsing/Sharing seems to only go one way).

I think this is because I do not have any WINS servers in the remote
locations to collect and distribute Browse Lists, but I am not sure.  Is
there anyway to force this to work with what I have?


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