Compiling under Solaris 2.6

Fred Pishotta Pishotta.Fred at Mayo.Edu
Mon Nov 10 13:22:05 GMT 1997

Dear Sambanians,

This is not a Samba problem, exactly, but I've lost the ability
to compile it under Solaris 2.6 using gcc.  It appears to be
gcc that's broken. Samba is about the only thing I ever compile
under Solaris, but I tested a few other source codes and had the
same problem.  gcc complains about not finding cpp, then some other
related issues.  Anyone have the scoop on this behavior?

-- Fred P.

On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, Peter de Groot wrote:

> > 
> > I wrote a message some time ago about the CR/LF problem when using Unix
> > ASCII files on a samba server, because Unix only uses newlines and DOS
> > uses CR/LF users get 'strange' files sometimes, it gets even more
> > confusing when they use DOS programs to process the unix ASCII files.
> > 
> > For as far as I know now there is no way to translate these files 'on
> > the fly'.
> > 
> > So now I try to make it myself.
> > 
> Excellent...  I have been having the same problems myself for quite
> some time now..  We have a number of applications which run on both
> a PC and unix, and I am trying to share the same data. This data is 
> a mixture of text and binary files.  We also use PC apps to download
> data from various pieces of equipment to a samba share.
> This CR/LF problem is a major pain.  I have spent many fruitless 
> hours trawling the net looking for a piece of software that does 
> a painless conversion. Or, rather one that I can give the users. 
> Typing "convert file.out" in a dos window just does not cut it. 
> The one in the contributed area of the samba site is a bit moldy.
> A Windoze program which adds CR/LF conversion to the right mouse click,
> a bit like winzip, would make my day.
> Could I make a couple of suggestions about your options for the 
> on the fly conversion for samba...... Could the options include
> conversion for  
>             1) files with a specific extension (eg .txt)
>             2) files that have only the a-zA-Z content
>             3) Some record length option.  Most text files do not have long
>                record lengths.
>                 etc
> There is a bit of shareware (WS_FTP) which make a pretty good job of it.
> This is what we currently use in preference to samba, for the reasons
> above.

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