Office 97 and Samba

Michael Huttinger huttinger at
Mon Nov 10 20:36:48 GMT 1997

We're running Office 97 and Samba (1.9.17p4) on various Windows95 PC's. 
 Our samba server is a Linux box (2.0.27) acting as a domain controller 
with roving profiles.  Everything seems to be fine as far as our systems 
go, with nary a problem to report.

Could it possibly be a Windows95 problem?  Any service packs installed? 
 Can you use Office 97 to another Windows95 PC's shared drive?

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On Sunday, November 09, 1997 10:57 PM, Matthew Geier 
[SMTP:matthew at] wrote:
>  Is any one else running Office 97 and samba ?. We are having terrible 
> with saving from Office in particular causes a 'Invalid page fault in
> shell32.dll'
>  We have resorted to installing word6 on problem machines - it seems to 
> ok.
>  Search microsoft's web site has no mention of shell32.dll problems with
> office 97.
>  I can only assume its our network or samba. The network is now a fully
> switched UTP network, so it only leaves Samba/Solaris.
>  Is any one else running Office97 with win95 roving profiles on a samba
> server ?
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