More than one password server? (PR#1609)

Andrew Tridgell samba-bugs at
Mon Nov 10 06:49:20 GMT 1997

> so, there are two possible solutions to the original problem (having two 
> password servers which don't have a trust relationship)
> 1) set up a trust relationship
> 2) use the include mechanism and NIS netgroups, to sub-divide the users.  
> this will need further exploration.

There is a 3rd possibility. Remember the ugly scheme I proposed to allow
us to do password migration? When we get back the result of the node
status request we will also know what workgroup the client is in. We
can use this to choose a password server (either via a % macro or by
explicitly doing a netbios lookup for GROUP#1B). We wouldn't do this
by default, but it might be a useful capability.

Maybe it's time to write that node status hack :-)


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