Samba and SCO Unix and Windows

Thomas Pietsch tp at GRUNECKER.DE
Fri Nov 7 08:33:01 GMT 1997

I'm joining this list just since a couple of weeks and so please excuse
if this question seems to be stupid.

I'm want to  use  Samba 1.9.16p9  on SCO-Unix 4.2 as print and
file server. Therefore all windows clients should have a "public" access
to the samba server.
I also have a WIN NT 4.0 box in separate Domain.
All the windows (3.11 and win95) are in the same domain and the same
workgroup and the subnet as the Samba Server.  
My problem is now, that samba server does'nt appear in any browsinglist
(WfW 3.11/ Win95/ NT 40). If I check out the network with net view the
samba-server also does'nt appear.
 If I check out the network with net view \\samba-servername all the
shares on the  samba-server are appearing and accessable.

All "switches" in smb.conf belonging this case are "on", also wins
support = yes.

My question now: What can I do to make Samba visible on every

Why does Samba appear as NT - Machine ?

Thanks in advance

Thomas Pietsch

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