samba & clients on 2 subnets

Melissa Thrush mmt4q at
Wed Nov 5 20:10:32 GMT 1997

I have samba ver. 1.9.16p setup on a Solaris 2.5.1 server

I have tested our smb.conf file and it appears to work correctly.  I
have NT Workstation 4.0 and Windows 95 clients on 2 subnets.

Samba server on 128.143.10 subnet (
NT and 95 PCS on 128.143.10 and 128.143.57 subnets

The 10clients always work correctly.  The 57clients sometimes (rarely)
work fine (fine = see all the clients on the both 10 and 57 subnets and
see samba server).  Most of the time however, the 57clients only see
other 57clients.  On all the 57 clients I have configured the WINS
server to show the ip address of the samba server.  In our smb.conf we
have the global setting "hosts allow 128.143.10./,
128.143.57./"  and "remote announce ="

I think it might have something to do with the "interface" option.  I
read that "if this option is not set then Samba will attempt to find a
primary interface, but won't attempt to configure more than one
interface."  I don't have the "interface" option set and when I run
"nmblookup" routines I see that Samba is choosing my Samba server as the
"primary interface"  so it shows (samba server) and a
broadcast address of so it only broadcasts to clients on
the 10 subnet?!?  (for example nmblookup -d 2 '*' only returns responses
from clients on the 10 subnet because it shows it added an interface of, broadcast of, and subnet of

or is it that we are using the "remote announce" option incorrectly and
it should be "remote announce =," ?

Any ideas on why I sometimes work correctly on 57clients but most of the
time don't?



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