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Janne.Harju at nmp.nokia.com Janne.Harju at nmp.nokia.com
Wed Nov 5 09:03:09 GMT 1997

> we don't have a bug, as such.  more a "blurring" of the roles of 
> "potential master browser" and "non-master browser".
> it's not documented properly either.
> janne, can i ask you if you could do a netstat -a m/c_name on one of 
> those machines where the registry has been edited to _not_ ever become
> a local master?
> i need to know if WORKGROUP<1e> is registered or not on that machine.
> luke

Gyus, sorry for late late late response.

I've checked few things with couple Win95 laptops
and what I found is:
1) When sharing is enabled in Win95 you get additional
   options for controlling
   a) master browser functions (yes, no, auto -> no preferred ;))
   b) LM announce (yes, no)
2) When master browser is set to no, Win95 still registers WORKGROUP<1E>
   I checked this with nbtstat -n in the laptop.

Luke, I guess you're right and someone's been messing with my laptop :).
This is also poorly documented by MS :(.

Now to something completely different:

Has anyone got a solution to a problem with NT 4.0 WKS
not reconnecting to Samba-mounted drives during logon?

We're using NT 4.0 + SP1&3, Samba 1.9.15p8 + 1.9.17p2.
We have set Samba to do NIS authentication.
(and yes, plain-text passwords are enabled)

Samba-mounted drives do not reconnect properly during logon and
the mapped drive just sits there but when you try to access
it you get an error message saying "Authentication failed"
or "Access is denied". 

This happens on some of the NT 4.0 WKS and rest of the NT 4.0 boxes 
prompt for the correct password for Samba during logon. 
This is very weird and we have not found yet any pattern or reason 
why this happens. One guess is that NT 4.0 sends blank passwords or
tries to authenticate with the NT password.

More weirder was that when we tried to use security=server
then some of the NT 4.0 WKS had problems connecting to

Is this a known bug in NT 4.0 ?
I'm really out of ideas what's going on...

 Janne Harju

email: janne.harju at nmp.nokia.com
tel. +358 10 505 7143

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