Tony D'Andrade blue at
Tue Nov 4 21:51:15 GMT 1997

Hi I would like some tips on how to connect a Linux Box running samba to a
Shared printer (Lexmark OprtaR+) on a Win NT machine.

I dont know much about /etc/printcap configurations and the like.  I have
tried to print with the command:

smbclient \\\\WindozeNT\\printer -N -P

smb: \> put <filename>

Its prints but not in any kind of proper format(ie Lanscape and diagonal
printing, text runs off the side etc etc). I have also tried to use
smbprint but i dont know it works with /etc/printcap.
Any kind of help would be appreciated preferably if someone could show me
their /etc/printcap setup.

thanks in advance


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