Shutdown NT 4.0 Wks via Perl script

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Nov 4 15:06:00 GMT 1997

Just ran across this and so am curious...

Server 	: Sun Sparc 10
OS	: Solaris 2.5.1
Samba	: 1.9.18alpha11

Client 	: NT 4.0 Wks w/SP3 ( vanilla install )

According to NTDOMAIN.txt...

The domain box should have two entries: the hostname and the SAMBA
Any local accounts are under the hostname domain, from which you will be
able to shut down the machine etc.  At present, we do not specify that
the NT user logging in is a member of any groups, so will have no
priveleges, including the ability to shut down the machine [lkcl02nov97
done, as of samba-1.9.18alpha3!  see "domain admin/guest users" and
"domain groups" parameters].

A dump from testparm confirms that there should be no domain admins....

        domain groups = 
        domain controller = 
        domain admin users = 
        domain guest users = 

However I was able to shutdown the workstation using the following line
from a Perl script...

Win32::InitiateSystemShutdown( "MYPC", "Perl shutdown", 30, 1, 1 );

I was logged in as a normal user ( there was no local account either )
with a normal smbpasswd entry.

The way I read the docs, this should not be possible.  Am I correct?

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