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A related question: I would like to build a CD-Rom server based on Samba where it is possible to swap CDs without mounting them by hand. The volume label should appear automatically in Windows. Is this possible ? 


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I do this on my system.  I have two each 7-disk changers on my Linux box (attached using SCSI) with the appropriate driver configuration.  All 14 CDs
are mounted under the Linux filesystem as sub-directories under a 
root level directory named /cd-farm (i.e. /cd-farm/x) --- with this configuration
the filesystem takes care of loading a CD when it is referenced through the
filesystem.   SAMBA is configured so that each CD is offered as a share, 
and I also export /cd-farm as a share.  These show up under windows 
browsing and I can mount them as disks or just treat them as resources
under a node (i.e. \\linux\x) ...  It all works great.  I have 3 WinDoze'95 
boxes on the home ethernet and they can all access the 14 CDs.

John D. Hays
jhays at Hays.Org

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