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Wed Jul 30 16:18:51 GMT 1997

I've installed Samba ("latest") on SCO's openserver 5 with a WIN'95 hanging 
off of it as a client.

I can run every test in DIAGNOSI.txt except for number 2. That is, the WIN'95
box can not ping the SCO box within a reasonable amount of time. 
(SCO can ping the WIN'95 box fine). For the longest time I thought the WIN'95
box couldn't ping the SCO box but I discovered that after about 3 minutes it
starts pinging fine. Odd? If I ping from the WIN'95 box using the IP address
of the SCO box then all is fine. It will not resolve the domain name of the 
SCO box in under 3 minutes.

The SCO box uses /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf for domain name resolution 
and the WIN'95 box points to the SCO box as the DNS. Do I actually have to set
up DNS/BIND on the SCO box or can Samba use the /etc/hosts setup as the text
file appears to indicate?

Any ideas welcome.
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