samba, OnNet and Win95

D461-Viet_Q_Hoang02572 vqh at
Wed Jul 30 14:14:35 GMT 1997

I'm running into a problem with Win95 clients and I hope someone
has a fix for this.  Our servers are Solaris boxes providing
file services via both NFS and samba (1.9.16p11).  The Win95
clients were recently upgraded to the latest version of FTP Software
OnNet which makes the NFS stuff almost transparent to the users.
I'm not sure how OnNet hooks in to Win95 but you could map a drive
to \\server\home and it's smart enough to figure out that the
server has NFS exported /export/home and mount that.

The problem is when the Win95 client tries to get to a samba share,
the attempt will fail because it tries to use NFS (the share names
are different from the NFS exports).  If we then browse thru the
network neighborhood until we see the server name, at that point
the samba drive mapping would work fine.

Is there a way around this problem?

Viet Hoang
Lucent Technologies/IBM-GS
vhoang at

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