User profiles on a samba-mounted netlogon drive

Magnus Svavarsson magnus at
Wed Jul 30 13:34:52 GMT 1997


I am experiencing a strange behaviour when the user profiles for a NT3.51
workstation are on a samba-mounted drive.  The drive is \\server\netlogon.
When I log on first time, everything i ok.  The NT machine holds a
connection to netlogon open (from smbstatus).  But when I log off I can
see that NT closes the connection to netlogon together wit all other
active connections, but the reconnects a few seconds later (presumeably to
write the final changes to the user-profile?) and does NOT close that
final connection again :-(

When I try to logon again, samba gets an error writing to the NT machine,
and closes the connection (gets removed from smbstatus), but the NT
machine cannot read the profile :-(  If I try again right away, everything
is ok, as the stray connection now has been closed.

I have seen, that the NT machine holds the connection open for 10 minutes,
and then closes it normally.  If I remove the net cable from the NT
machine, the connection stays open least a long time.  It
is NOT the dead time in samba that closes the file, it is 60 minutes in my

Can anyone tell me if this is just the way it is, or can I change
something on NT og Samba to make the logon work every time, without
waiting for 10 minutes?  (I would like to be able to set "dead time" 
individually for different parts of my smb.conf, but that is not
possible at present time.) 

I am running samba-1.9.16p11 on SunOS5.5.1.


Magnus Svavarsson
Network Administrator
Faculty of Humanities
Aalborg University

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