Samba, encryption, NT 4.0

Eric beyer at
Wed Jul 30 10:17:31 GMT 1997


I just installed samba on a little linux box I run at the university here, I
chose the options to use encrypted passwords so that I could still map
network drives from the NT4.0 machines in our lab. Well anyway I had no
problem with the installation and setting up the config files, smbpasswd
file, etc. but I think there maybe a bug someplace when connecting from
NT4.0 with service pack 3 install. I can successfully map a drive to my
account from NT4.0 but it never even prompted me for a password after I
clicked ok after entering \\cis\beyer in the box. I thought well, so maybe
it uses my login password that I use to login into the NT workstation (which
is on a different workgroup/domain). So out of curiousity I tried this
again, except this time I entered a friends account ( \\cis\joe ), this time
it just connected to his account, and everything is accessible by me. So
next I thought what the? and even went to the smbpasswd file and deleted my
entry in the file to see if it really checks the file, well to sum it up it
apparently doesnt because it still connected me and this time I actually had
changed my regular password. So next I went to our other computer lab which
uses all Windows95. I tried from there, it prompts for a password and it
will not accept a null one nor garbage and wouldnt connect me because I
didnt have an entry in the smbpasswd file. I next added my entry, tried it
out again, the drive mapped just fine, tried my friends account again, it
prompted me for a password, wouldnt let me in until he entered his password.

So I guess I just wanted to know if anybody else has experienced this when
connecting from a NT4.0 machine/using service pack 3? I am sure it wasnt
designed to just allow you to map other users accounts because what
security would that be? 

Ok now I have found a way to do this on Windows 95, all I did was open up a
DOS Box and type: net use f: \\cis\someuser ?
It then asks for a password and I enter just anything and it connects their
drive. Interesting eh? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, here is
my current smb.conf

	workgroup = EAB
	domain master = yes
	password level = 4
	encrypt passwords = yes
	local master = yes
	preferred master = yes
	os level = 65
	status = yes
	browseable = yes
	debug level = 2
	wins support = yes
	shared mem size = 102400
	server string = Samba (%h)
	keep alive = 60
	dead time = 15
	max connections = 10
	security = user
	remote announce =

	comment= Home Directories
        guest ok = no
        read only = no
	mangled map = (public_html public)   

	comment = Public FTP Directory
	path = /home/ftp/pub
	public = yes
	writable = no
	printable = no



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