Samba, LM and HP revisited..

Duncan Hill dhill at
Tue Jul 29 16:21:35 GMT 1997

Well, I've got most of it working.  It turns out that it was a bit of
a dumb move on my part...  

The LM setup used different passwords from the /etc/passwd file on the
HP..  reset the passwords and hey presto..

With that said and done, I know have the following problems..

1) I get a "couldn't validate logon on a server, so you may not be
able to access all network resources" message at logon.  This isn't a
bad problem, but it's gonna cause headaches..the users of this network
are thicker than 2 short planks.. (and those are the smart ones..
honest here folks..) Will the next release of samba allow PDC or
password authentication without DES?

2) Printing absolutely refuses to work...  I think I've done
everything in the FAQ etc regarding printing, and it still doesn't
work.  I've tried printing = hpux, and just defining the print
commands etc dice.  I have to have missed something reasonably
stupid here... has anybody got any clues?

Hopefully I won't be asking questions after this..  its my 3rd day at
Samba, so I think I'm getting reasonably far..

Thanks in advance.. please reply direct and I'll summarise again if


Duncan Hill
Cogito ergo sum 
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