Changing SMB password

Jim Henderson JimH at
Tue Jul 29 02:59:15 GMT 1997

I have installed Samba 1.9.16 p11, with encryption, so that Windows
NT workstations could share the disks supported by Samba.

Our smb.conf file includes:

    encrypt passwords = yes
    security = user

So that people could connect to their drives immediately, I put NO
PASSWORD in the smbpasswd file as described in ENCRYPTION.txt.

I found that people could not change their own passwords with
"smbpasswd", so I modified "smbpasswd" and sent the modification to
samba-bugs.  People can now change their passwords if they are set
to NO PASSWORD.  But they still have to log in to the UNIX system
with telnet, then run smbpasswd, and if they also need to change the
UNIX password, they have to run "/bin/passwd" as well, making sure
they type in the same password.

Is there a way that users can change their UNIX and SMB passwords at
one hit?  Preferably by running something on the Windows machine
rather than having to telnet to the UNIX box.

I noticed chgpasswd.c and its dependance on
-DALLOW_CHANGE_PASSWORD, so I enabled that in the Makefile.  But
chgpasswd is not produced as a separate program -- it gets linked
into smbd.  I also read about "passwd chat" and "passwd program" in
the man page on smb.conf, but what do our users need to do to have
this chat sequence invoked?

Eudora is in use -- is there a way of making Samba follow changes in
Eudora passwords?

Looking forward to your help,
	Jim Henderson	jimh at	+61 2 9906 2400

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