short packet

Eloy A. Paris eparis at
Tue Jul 29 01:46:07 GMT 1997

Sergei <sergios at> wrote:

: >>>> NBT Packet
: >NBT Session Packet
: >Flags=0x0
: >Length=64
: >WARNING: Short
: packet. Try increasing the snap length (44)

: with tcpdump I am getting these warnings. is it something worth while?

I just got the same today while using tcpdump-smb. At first I was lost
but after reading another message in the list I think the problem is
that we are not using the "-s 1500" switch when running tcpdump-smb.

So I think this message is generated by tcpdump-smb and not by smbd or nmbd
sending a short packet to the wire.

I'll test my thoughts tomorrow. Let me know if it works for you.



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