LANManager, Samba and HP-UX 10.20

Duncan Hill dhill at
Mon Jul 28 16:43:49 GMT 1997

Greetings.  I've been asked to configure Samba on an hP server to
replace LAN Manager since LAN Manager goes away in 10.20.  Ok, I've
got Samba built and running.  Any Win95 clients can see the server
with Network Neigh, net view etc.  (This is HP-UX 9.xx)  We also have
a _bunch_ of HP Windows Clients.  These boot quite happily via tftp
with both LANM and samba running.  

These HP clients at startup go:
net start workstation
net logon

If I provide any username that is valid (including the guest account),
the login will fail under samba because it can't authenticate.  Under
LaNM, it works fine.  Do I have to implement the encrypted passowrd
thing using DES? (The win clients run 3.1).  Any help would be much
appreciated, as I have to get this running by Friday.

Please reply directly to me, as digest form is a bit of a pain to get
through when in a hurry.  I'll probably summarise to the list if the
solution is one thats work sending summarised.

Many thanks.


Duncan Hill
Cogito ergo sum 
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