NT 4.0 not connecting to SAMBA servers

Ed Maple Ed.Maple at corp.netcom.com
Mon Jul 28 20:20:31 GMT 1997

This is wierd, and I hope you can help me.

I have two PCs running NT server 4.0: hyde has just been setup, taber has
already been running for awhile. Then I have 4 SAMBA instances that I've
setup, with nothing really fancy.

- From server taber I can map a variety of directories from the SAMBA
servers under a variety of usernames.
- From hyde, I can map directories from server taber.
- However, from hyde, if I try to map any directories from any of the SAMBA
servers, I get a message "user is not authorized to login from this host"
or something to that effect.

I'm a bit of a neophyte with both NT and SAMBA, but I'm thinking that
there's something on hyde that isn't set correctly to properly identify it
or to identify the user connecting from hyde. Any thoughts? (be gentle!)

Ed Maple
UNIX Systems Admin.
Netcom Online Communications

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